YellowAfterlife's ergonomic keyboard list

This is a collection of column-staggered and ortholinear ergonomic keyboards!

It does not contain every single keyboard, but it's a pretty big sample - especially as far medium/big/interesting keyboards go.

See the other list for row-staggered/standard-layout keyboards.

This is a collection of row-staggered ergonomic keyboards!
... and also other keyboards that are shaped liked row-staggered ones.

This one's a mostly-random sample of keyboards - there's not exactly a shortage of places to look for row-staggered keyboards.

See the other list for column-staggered and non-standard-layout keyboards.

"The rules"
Where else to look for keyboards
A note on vendors

The landscape is ever-changing and it is hard to impossible to keep tabs on what's going on with every vendor.

Please research vendor reputation and status (read: whether they're currently shipping orders) before spending money on the internet.

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Frequently asked questions

A keyboard is missing!

Please fill out and submit keyboards using the above editor - I try to add interesting keyboards when I encounter them, but there are hundreds of open-source keyboards alone so help is always welcome.

Generally it takes a few minutes (or even less if you made the thing and know the specifics) to fill out the metadata for a keyboard.

Something's wrong / amiss about a keyboard

You can submit corrections as simple notes or by loading an existing keyboard in the above editor, making edits, and submitting the updated JSON.

Personally I tend to go over 5-10 keyboards at a time based on readily available information, so if something cannot be derived from the description, photos, or part list, I won't be filling that out.

And if you make open-source hardware and are reading this, if you do not have a part list/feature list in your repo, please at least mention whether the keyboard is made for hotswap sockets or not, and the switch type(s) if it's not just MX. The reader shouldn't have to look at the KiCAD files.

Can you add a column?

I can generally add additional columns to the table so long as it's something that:

Bonus points if you're willing to go over the existing keyboards and add a new bit of metadata to them yourself.


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